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Web of Healing

Credits and Thanks

Throughout our research, we had the good fortune of working with many dedicated and resourceful archivists, scholars, and government employees who helped us ask the right questions.  Working with these people and with each other helped us realize that good historical scholarship is seldom a solitary activity. 

Editors: Jessica Martucci & Kristoffer Whitney

Authors: Agyeman Boateng, Jessica Martucci, Joanna Radin, Kristoffer Whitney

Project Advisers: Dr. David Barnes and Dr. Karen Reeds

Funders: ECHO, The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University; Arts & Sciences Computing at the University of Pennsylvania

Archives: University of Pennsylvania, John Pollack; American Philosophical Society, Richard Shrake; The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Andrea Kenyon; The Library Company, Charlene Peacock; the Pennsylvania Historical Society

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