2016 Introductory Symposium

Consortium for HSTM

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 10:30am

427 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106

Streaming will start at 9:50 am on September 28

Program 9:50 am: Welcome Babak Ashrafi, Consortium for History of Science, Technology & Medicine 10:00 am: Session 1 • Erin Connelly, “Medieval Medicine for Modern Infections” • Elaine LaFay, “Atmospheric Bodies: Medicine, Meteorology, and the Cultivation of Place in the Antebellum Gulf South” • Nicholas Bonneau, “Unspeakable Loss, Distempered Awakenings: North America’s Invisible Throat Distemper Epidemic of 1735 – 1765” • Paul Braff, “Enthroning Health: The National Negro Health Movement and the Fight to Control Public Health Policy in the African American Community, 1915-1950” • Lisa O'Sullivan, “Research Opportunities and Resources at the New York Academy of Medicine” 11:15 am: Session 2 • William Hansen, “Research Opportunities and Resources at the Newberry Library" • Michelle Smiley, “Becoming Photography: The American Development of a Medium” • Lynne T. Friedmann, “Ink Chemists of the Industrial Revolution” • Kacey Stewart, “Scripted Nature: The Aesthetics of Field Guides” • Ingemar Pettersson, “Masters of Flavor: Sensory Analysis and High-Industrial Food” • Cari Casteel, “The Odor of Things: Deodorant, Gender, and Olfaction in the United States” 1:20 pm: Session 3 • Melissa Charenko, “‘The Science of Prophecy’? The Role of the Paleo-Disciplines in the Face of Anthropogenic Change, 1916-2015” • Sarah Basham, “Rethinking the Ontology of Chinese Encyclopedias: The Life and Times of Treatise on Military Preparedness (1621)” • Agnieszka Rec, “Blood is Thicker than Aqua Regia: Alchemical Networks in Sixteenth-Century Central and Eastern Europe” • Alicia Puglionesi, “The Astonishment of Experience: Americans and Psychical Research, 1885-1935” • Rosanna Dent, “Studying Indigenous Brazil: The Xavante and the Human Sciences, 1958-2015” • Felix Rietmann, “Visualizing the Mind: Moving Images and the Mind Sciences of the Child” 2:40 pm: Session 4 • Oscar Moisés Torres Montúfar, “Miners, Oilmen and Chemists: Globalization and Technology in Mexican Sulphur Industry (1933-1972)” • Joseph Martin, “What Don’t We Know about Industry-Academia Relations in Cold War America?” • Kirsten Moore-Sheeley, “Nothing but Nets: The History of Insecticide-Treated Nets, 1980-Present” • David J. Caruso, “Studying Scientists with Disabilities: Using Oral History and Ethnography to Capture Lived Experiences”