The Iago Galdston Lecture - Inequalities Unmasked: What Pandemics Reveal About Race and U.S. Society, from Yellow Fever to COVID-19

Keith Wailoo

New York Academy of Medicine

Thursday, September 23, 2021 5:00 pm EDT

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As a part of The New York Academy of Medicine Library’s History of Medicine series, this lecture will analyze the social inequalities revealed over the course of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and 2021 in the United States, in relation to past pandemics—from yellow fever through cholera, influenza and HIV/AIDS. The talk aims to understand the full range of health and social challenges unmasked by pandemics past and present; to discuss disparities along lines of race, politics and region; and to examine how knowledge of disparities can become a basis for designing more equitable and responsive public health and healthcare systems.
About the Speaker:
Keith Wailoo, PhD, is the Henry Putnam University Professor of History and Public Affairs at Princeton University, where he teaches in the Department of History and the School of Public and International Affairs, and is the current president of the American Association for the History of Medicine. Dr. Wailoo is an award-winning author on drugs and drug policy; race, science and health; and genetics and society; and he is known also for insightful public writing and media commentaries on history of medicine, pandemics and society, and medical affairs in the U.S.
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