Philadelphia Area Annual Introductory Symposium

Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science

Friday, September 30, 2011 - 2:00pm

Library Company of Philadelphia

Program 1:00 Welcome and Introduction 1:10 Claire Gherini, Johns Hopkins University ‘Adrift to Effect their Own Cure,’ The Economy and Social Relations of Health and Healing in Eighteenth-Century Plantation America
Melanie Kiechle, Rutgers University ‘The Air We Breathe’: Nineteenth-Century Americans and the Search for Fresh Air
Jongmin Lee, Virginia Tech Engineering the Regulation, Controlling the Environment: U.S. EPA's Office of Research and Development in the 1970s
Aelwen Wetherby, University of Oxford Aid, Incorporated: American Medical Relief to China and the Development of Medical Diplomacy, 1937-1949 1:50 Jessica Lydon, Records of the Committee on Science and Arts at the Franklin Institute 2:05 Amanda Bevers, University of California, San Diego Making Museums of Medical History
Susan Branson, Syracuse University Consuming Science: Popular Culture and Natural Philosophy in American Society, 1700-1860
Joseph Drury, Villanova University Machines and Novels in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Adrianna Link, Johns Hopkins University The National Anthropological Film Center: A Resource and a Discipline 2:45 Lynn Dorwaldt, Collections of the Wagner Free Institute of Science 3:00 Break 3:15 Augustin Cerveaux, University of Strasbourg ‘From an Art to a Science’: Changes in Paint Chemistry and Technology in Progressive Era America and the Great Depression
Catherine Jackson, University College London Writing a New History of Synthetic Organic Chemistry in the 19th Century
Joe Martin, University of Minnesota Why Should Historians Care about Solid State Physics?
Christine Nawa, Universität Regensburg, Germany Bunsen and America
Lydia Pyne, Drexel University The Pleistocene: Understanding the Last Lost World 4:05 Jim Voelkel, Collections of the Chemical Heritage Foundation 4:20 Kevin Donnelly, Alvernia University Making Observers: Quetelet’s Average Men
Kurt MacMillan, University of California, Irvine Hormonal Bodies: A Transregional History of Sex and Race in Constitutional Medicine, 1911-1965
C. Pierce Salguero, Penn State University, Abington College Chinese Buddhist Medicine: Disease, Healing and the Body in Crosscultural Translation
Simon Thode, Johns Hopkins University The Observational Sciences in the Early United States