Seemed Right at the Time?! Scenes from Science Past

Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science, Wagner Free Institute of Science

Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 6:30pm

Wagner Free Institute of Science.

What makes for science or quackery? How were astrology, divination, diagnosis of witches and the evolution of human character at one time rooted in hard core scientific fact? Hear enlightening encounters from our past as science historians and performers from Philly Improv Theater team up to explain why today's hokum was yesterday's fact. Scholars include: Darin Hayton, Haverford College; Diane Paul, University of Massachusetts at Boston; Sharrona Pearl, University of Pennsylvania; Jonathan Seitz, Drexel University; Elly Truit, Bryn Mawr College; Michael Yudell, Drexel University. Performers from Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) include: The Amie & Kristen Show, Brendan Kennedy and his sidekick Roger C. Snair, Emily & Micah McGraw, Jon Goff, Junior Barnes and Secret Pants. PHIT is the home of Philly's best comedy (improv, sketch, stand-up, and other alternative comedy shows) - owned and operated by the performers who appear on its stage.