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The Department of History is home to fifty faculty members and a vibrant graduate program that includes both PhD students and students in the History and Library & Information Science (HiLS) master's degree program. The department has particular strengths in environmental history, the history of technology, the history of medicine and public health, the history of gender and race in the social sciences, and the history of scientific publishing. 


Research university with collections related to agricultural science, environmental science, and the physical sciences.


The University Archives contain material related to the history of the University of Maryland, including the personal and research records of prominent Maryland scientists. The State of Maryland Collection includes significant holdings on the environmental history of Maryland.

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Holding Highlights

Collections related to environmental and agricultural sciences, including:

  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation Archives: Records of the non-profit Chesapeake Bay Foundation, established to promote the ecological well-being of the Chesapeake Bay. Papers cover records of the Bay's environment, as well as Foundation activities related to the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, the Piney Oil Refinery, the development of the Goodwin Islands, and the Kent County gravel operations. 
  • Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station Papers: Records of an organization that sought to use scientific findings to improve the practice of agriculture. Topics include the administration of the Station, as well as studies on forestry, soil conservation, horticulture, and entomology. 

Papers of prominent Maryland faculty members, including:

  • Stephen G. Brush papers (1888-2006): Papers of physicist and historian of science Stephen G. Brush, chronicling his work on the history of physics.
  • Johannes Martinus Burgers papers (1912-1980): Papers of mathematician and physical scientist Johannes Martinus Burgers.
  • Judith Lynne Hanna Collection (1893-2012): Papers of Judith Lynne Hanna, who specialized in anthropology, education, dance, and political science.
  • Mukul Kundu papers (1970-2010): Papers of physicist Mukul Kundu, detailing work on sun spots and solar flares, solar and stellar radio physics, galactic supernova remnants, microflares, and solar active regions. 
  • Helmut Landsberg papers (1906-1985): Records of meteorologist Helmut Landsberg, who helped found Maryland's graduate program in meteorology.
  • Romeo Mansueti papers (1922-1963): Papers of biologist Romeo Mansueti, research professor at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory and at the University of Maryland. Papers relate primarily to Mansueti's research on the early development stages of commercially important fish. Other topics include fish migration, bionomics of freshwater and estuarine fish populations, and the taxonomy and ecology of fish eggs.
  • Raymond E. Miller papers (1950-2004): Papers of computer scientist Raymond Miller, documenting his entire career. Miller worked at IBM in the 1950s through the 1980s; he then became director and a professor at the School of Information and Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the 1980s. Also included are papers documenting work as director of the Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences at the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and documentation of his early research on switching circuit theory and logical design.
  • Mancur Olson papers (1944-1998): Papers of Mancur Olson, a major 20th-century economist known for public policy work on taxation, collective action, and contract rights.
  • James Reveal papers (1965-2000): Papers of botanist James Reveal, director of the Norton-Brown Herbarium of the University of Maryland between 1979 and 1999. Reveal was also a member of the Smithsonian Institution's Endangered Species Committee from 1974 to 1982 and was instrumental in ensuring endangered plant species were included in the original Endangered Species Act. 
  • Ben Shneiderman papers (1968-2004): Papers of computer scientist Ben Shneiderman, founder of the Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab.
  • Mary S. Shorb papers (1910-1971): Papers of Mary Shorb, known for her work in designing assays to allow for the commercial production of vitamin B12. Shorb served as a research professor in the Maryland Poultry Husbandry Department from 1949 to 1972. 
  • Joseph Weber papers (1930-2000): Papers of Joseph Weber, a University of Maryland physicist credited in the 1960s with conducting early research into detecting gravity waves.