2013-2014 Research and Writing Fellows

The Center is delighted to announce its Research Fellows and Dissertation Writing Fellows for 2013-2014.

Elisabeth Berry Drago
University of Delaware
Research Fellow
Thomas Wijck’s Painted Alchemists at the Intersection of Art, Science and Practice

Kathleen Brian
George Washington University
Research Fellow
Morbid Propensities: Suicide, Sympathy, and the Making of the Eugenic Public, 1843-1903

Sarah Chesney
College of William and Mary
Research Fellow
The Fruit of Their Labors: Exploring William Hamilton's Greenhouse Complex and the Rise of American Botany in Early Federal Philadelphia

Erin Corrales-Diaz
University of North Carolina
Research Fellow
Remembering the Veteran: Disability, Trauma, and the American Civil War, 1861-1915

Emily Handlin
Brown University
Research Fellow
Beyond Art and Science: Eadweard Muybridge in Philadelphia, 1884-1887

Kathryn Irving
Yale University
Research Fellow
The American Idiot Schools: Disability and Segregation in the Nineteenth Century

Timothy Johnson
University of Georgia
Research Fellow
Growth Industry: Unearthing the Origins of Fertilizer-Fueled Agriculture in America, 1850-1950

Jason Kauffman
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Research Fellow
Terra Desconhecida: Nature, Knowledge, and Society in the Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil and Bolivia

Joel Klein
Indiana University
Research Fellow
Chymistry, Corpuscularism, and Controversy: The Ideas and Influence of Daniel Sennert (1572-1637)

Jessica Linker
University of Connecticut
Research Fellow
“It is my wish to behold Ladies among my hearers”: Early American Women and Scientific Practice, 1720-1860

Julia Mansfield
Stanford University, History Department
Dissertation Writing Fellow
The Disease of Commerce: Yellow Fever in the Atlantic World, 1793-1805

Teasel Muir-Harmony
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dissertation Writing Fellow
The Space Race and American Public Diplomacy

Donald Opitz
DePaul University
Research Fellow
Cross-Atlantic Fertilizations: Women’s Horticultural Education at Ambler, Pennsylvania

James Poskett
University of Cambridge
Research Fellow
Printing skulls: the transatlantic publication and reception of Crania Americana (1839)

Kristen Ann Woytonik
University of New Hampshire
Research Fellow
A Healthy Independence: The Politics, Science, and Business of Healthcare in Early Republic Philadelphia

Brandon Zimmerman
Independent Scholar
Research Fellow
An Empire of Skulls: The History of The Samuel George Morton Cranial Collection and Scientific Collecting Practices in 19th Century Philadelphia.