Call for Creative Contributions: Lonely No More!

UWM’s Center for 21st Century Studies spring symposia explores the making and unmaking of loneliness, isolation and connectedness.

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As part of this effort, C21 circulated a survey inviting sensory and story-based responses to the experiences of both loneliness and connectedness, and tactics used to move from one state to another. We invite writers, artists, and social change makers to interpret, respond, and/or add to this data.


Artists, writers, and social change makers.

What Form

One of the following short forms: 1 page of writing; 1 image; or 90 seconds of digital media. These are ideal for:

  • A micro story, poetry, a short scene
  • A sketch / painting / photo / digital art / image of 3D craftwork
  • A one-page written pitch (or 90 second video of a pitch) for a social change concept to ease isolation


We encourage submissions from students, professional artists, and community members. All submissions will be considered for inclusion in one of three forms of exhibition:

  • Adaptation and publication in our Lonely No More! edited volume
  • Publication and display i our digital exhibition space with the UMN Press
  • Participation and display in our physical exhibition space in Curtin Hall at UWM


Deadline is June 1st, 2022
Awardees notified by July 1st, 2022

If you have any questions about the process, please email us at

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