Consortium Welcomes MIT

The Consortium is excited to welcome MIT as our newest member. MIT's archival and museum holdings provide an important resource for scholars studying science and technology.
MIT's collection strengths include materials which document MIT’s history and the people who have been a part of that history, as well as a broad collection on modern science and technology and their impacts on society, with particular attention to materials which document the role of scientists and engineers in the formation of science policy.
MIT’s Department of Distinctive Collections is home to thousands of rare books and manuscripts with an expansive range, including manuscript collections from notable MIT faculty and administrators. Many texts represent foundational and fundamental scientific discovery and achievement. Works by prominent figures such as Georgius Agricola, Robert Boyle, Marie Curie, Michael Faraday, Otto von Guericke, Caroline Herschel, Ada Lovelace, Issac Newton, Mary Somerville, Alessandro Volta are included, as are less universally recognizable scientists.
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