Consortium Welcomes University of Maryland-College Park

The Consortium is excited to welcome its newest member, the University of Maryland at College Park.

The department of History is home to fifty faculty members and a vibrant graduate program that includes both PhD students and students in the History and Library & Information Science (HiLS) master's degree program. The department has particular strengths in environmental history, the history of technology, the history of medicine and public health, the history of gender and race in the social sciences, and the history of scientific publishing.

The University of Maryland-College Park is a land-grant university that holds significant collections on agricultural science. The University Archives host collections relevant to environmental history, the history of computing, and the history of physics, as well as material related to the history of the University of Maryland, including the personal and research records of prominent Maryland scientists. The State of Maryland Collections include significant holdings on the environmental history of Maryland. 

For more information on the University of Maryland-College Park, the Department of History, and the University Archives, please visit: