Fall 2018 Fellows Update

George Aumoithe (2016-2017 Research Fellow) defended his dissertation and is now Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies at Princeton.

David Ceccarelli (2015-2016 Research Fellow) published "Between Social and Biological Heredity: Cope and Baldwin on Evolution, Inheritance, and Mind" in Journal of the History of Biology (June 2018).

Roberto Chauca (2014-2015 Research Fellow) published "Missionary Hydrography and the Invention of Early Modern Amazonia," in Colonial Latin American Review 27:2 (2018).

Jessica Dandona (2018-2019 Research Fellow) began a year-long fellowship as a Fulbright Scholar in the U.K. She has been named to several additional recent fellowships, including the Evelyn S. Nation Fellowship at the Huntington Library, the Boston Medical Library Fellowship in the History of Medicine at Harvard University, and the Drexel University College of Medicine Legacy Center/Library Company of Philadelphia Fellowship in the History of Women and Medicine.

Alma Igra (2017-2018 Research Fellow) is organizing a graduate workshop at Columbia University, in collaboration with the Max Plank Institute of the History of Science: "Knowing through Animals: The Animal Turn in History of Science."

Jessica Linker (2013-2014 Research Fellow) directed a project at Bryn Mawr College, leading undergraduates in building a 3D version of the Advanced Biology Lab at Bryn Mawr College c. 1900-1904. The team (Elia Anagnostou, Tanjuma Haque, Arianna Li, and Linda Zhu) combined 3D modeling with historical research and interpretation to recreate an interactive model of the historic laboratory. 

Joseph Malherek (2015-2016 NEH Postdoctoral Fellow) authored a chapter in an edited volume: "Shopping Malls and Social Democracy: Victor Gruen’s Postwar Campaign for Conscientious Consumption in American Suburbia,” in Consumer Engineering, 1930–1970: Marketing from Planning Euphoria to the Limits of Growth, eds. Gary Cross, Ingo Köhler, and Jan Logemann. Publication is scheduled for later in 2018.

Joseph Martin (2016-2018 NSF Research Scholar and Fellow in Residence; 2011-2012 Dissertation Fellow) published Solid State Insurrection: How the Science of Substance Made American Physics Matter with University of Pittsburgh Press.

Michelle Smiley (2016-2017 Dissertation Fellow; 2017-2019 Fellow in Residence) has been named Wyeth Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts.

Cameron Strang (2010-2011 Research Fellow) published Frontiers of Science: Imperialism and Natural Knowledge in the Gulf South Borderlands, 1500-1850 with UNC Press for the Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture.

Matthew White (2011-2012 Research Fellow) is Director of Education and Visitor Services at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

Christopher Willoughby (2014-2015 Research Fellow) has accepted a Lapidus Center Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.