New Acquisitions at Newberry Library

The Newberry has acquired one rare book and one collection that may be of interest to Consortium members.

Jacques Alexandre, Traité du flux et reflux de la mer : où l’on explique d’une maniere nouvelle & simple, la nature, les causes, & les particularitez de ce phénoméne, & qui a remporté le prix au jugement de l’Académie de Bourdeaux, le premier may 1726. A Paris: Chez Babuty, 1726. A curious, though apparently prize-winning treatise by an 18th-century French Benedictine monk who also published on sundials. This book about the tides also implies that the earth orbits the moon. It uses novel string attachments to attempt to demonstrate this phenomenon. Neither the theory nor these particular movable parts appear to have been adopted by later scholars. Catalog record:

Robert Christensen Collection, primarily 1880-1970. This collection consists of approximately 20 linear feet of rare materials--pamphlets, brochures, and other ephemera, as well as some books--for the print and material cultures of domestic American architecture, especially house plans, home planning, and construction materials. These sales and marketing documents were integral to promoting home ownership and maintenance as keys to the "American dream" in the twentieth century. The collection was built over decades in Lansing, Michigan, with some focus on Midwestern firms.

Researchers can explore these and other colletions through the Consortium's search hub and learn more about the Newberry here.