Melissa J. Grafe

Ph.D. Candidate
Institute of the History of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University

2007 to 2008
Dissertation Research Fellow

‘To attendance and medicine’: Medical practice in the Chesapeake and Mid-Atlantic regions, 1769-1820

My research centers on the medical practices of Dr. John Archer of Harford County, Maryland, his sons, and his 45 students, and how local context defined their understanding of the medical relationship and helped shape their medical careers. Archer was a graduate of the College of Medicine in Philadelphia; his sons received their medical education at the University of Pennsylvania, and a number of Archer’s students went there for training. I used the Penn Archives, which has John Archer Sr.’s medical ledger from 1775-1783, as well as files on John Archer and his students, and collections at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, which has John Archer Jr.’s notes on Dr. Rush’s lectures and as well as information on other Archer students and Harford County doctors. Read Melissa's report on her month of research in Philadelphia as a PACHS Fellow.